Monday, January 08, 2007

More details on the Craftsman Compu-Carver

The OEM manufacturer of this fascinating device is a company called LHR Technologies, in Pasadena, Texas. Their product is called the CarveWright, and at first glance, it appears to be the same specs as the product being sold by Sears under their Craftsman brand.

For those still wondering what all the fuss is about, here's a video demonstration of the CarveWright, showing off some of its capabilities. Pretty cool stuff.

The device is an enclosed CNC router, with a fixed gantry and a moving table. It uses a unique conveyer belt-style work surface, which allows it to operate on materials much larger than the footprint of the machine. The CarveWright site shows a full line of tooling and accessories, which I assume will be offered by Sears as well, or will at least be compatible with the Craftsman model.

After taking a closer look at the specs, it's evident that this machine is pretty versatile. It cuts wood, but appears fully equipped to cut and carve plastic, foam, and other soft sheet goods, possibly even soft metals like aluminum. There's a user forum for the original CarveWright that shows a gallery of some of the output (standard CNC woodworker items like signs and box tops for the moment, but remember, this is the tip of the iceberg...)


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